042: Automating the Sales Process with Tim Bornholdt

As an app developer, Tim Bornholdt is no stranger to process automation.  Yet it wasn’t until he “put up a mirror” to his own company’s sales process, that he realized they were losing sales as a result of different people doing the same work in different ways.  So he automated the sales process leading to service consistency, better tracking and ultimately increased sales conversion.  Listen as he shares tips on selecting the right people and technologies to leverage during the process automation journey.

Special Guest: Tim Bornholdt, Partner at The Jed Mahonis Group

Location: St. Louis Park, MN  USA

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029: Minimizing Risk with Decision Science

Making decisions is risky business.  As a small business owner, you might not have the deep pockets of a larger enterprise, so making the right decision the first time around can be critical.  Decision science gives you the ability to compare multiple ways of solving a problem with the opportunity to add value while minimizing risk and bias.  This is Rob Brown’s specialty.  In this episode, Rob shares a four-step process to follow that will help you make decisions based on logic and not emotion.  Through specific examples, he describes how to use this four-step process to yield the best outcome.  Tune in to learn the difference between a decision and an outcome and why, as Rob says, “risk is always in season.”

Special Guest:  Robert D. Brown III, President & Founder of Incite! Decision Technologies

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The TED Talk below features Yassmin Abdel-Magied who gave a powerful presentation on unconscious bias and how it affects our decisions.  She not only shares her personal story, but also the 1952 Boston Symphony experiment where they began conducting blind auditions as an attempt to minimize gender bias.

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018: How AI Technology Can Scale Your Small Business

Imagine if you could grow your business 10x faster.  Better yet, imagine if your business could be “infinitely scalable.”  How?  Through artificial intelligence (AI).  According to Scott Evans, founder and CEO of Markamind, AI is not only a catalyst for exponential growth, but it also makes data more useful and convenient.  In this episode, Scott provides examples explaining how AI technology can help small businesses front-load their project pipelines, become more competitive, and exert more influence over buying decisions.  As a decision science professional, he recognizes and acknowledges the fear that many associate with technologies that seem difficult to understand.  This is why Scott also shares practical ways you can start educating yourself so that your business will not fall victim to the digital divide.  Tune in, sign up for a free introductory course on AI, and start scaling your business!

Special Guest:  Scott Evans, CEO of Markamind

Show Notes:

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”                                                                       ― St. Francis Of Assisi

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