026: Finding Your Niche to Build an Empire

Do you have the audacity to take your business to the next level?  Listen as staffing and recruiting expert, Dee Williams describes how to identify your niche and expand it into an empire.   With a combination of laser-like focus, determination and investment in continuous education, Dee identified a niche within the staffing industry and her aptly named company, Identifize Consulting, now serves as the world’s premier advisory firm for starting and scaling staffing and recruitment businesses.   Her company’s portfolio spans across several divisions and leverages cutting-edge media and software technology to deliver products and services.  Dee kicks off Season 3 sharing how she accomplished this and more through a solid business infrastructure.

Show Notes:

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012: How to Find the Right Person for Your Process Improvement Initiative

Technical Writer, Process Analyst, Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Black Belt, Master Black Belt…with all the process-related resources available, who exactly do you need to hire to improve your company’s operations? In this episode Tony Curtis, serial entrepreneur and owner of Curtis Process Consulting and gigPATH, explains how the answer lies in your ability to define your actual needs. He goes a step further by describing a 3-tier approach to use as a guide to not only recruit the right process specialists, but also retain them with a pay rate commensurate with the skills required.

Special Guest: Tony Curtis, Founder & CEO of gigPATH and Curtis Process Consulting

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007: Staffing Up While You Scale Up: Tips for Getting the Help You Need When You Need It

Do you need to hire more people for your small business, but feel that good help is hard to find? Listen as my first guest and serial entrepreneur, Essie Escobedo, explains that good help is out there and why you have to do your part to attract them. Essie shares specific tips for attracting great people to hire or contract as well as some key things small business owners need to have in place to set new hires up for success. You don’t want to miss what she has to say about the role business infrastructure plays in the 17-year success of her company, Office Angels. Keep your notepads handy!

Special Guest: Essie Escobedo, Founder & CEO, Office Angels

Show Notes:

  • Stop Doing That!  by Essie Escobedo
  • The Money Pit – movie demonstrating how the façade of a house does not match its foundation and structural interior

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