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065: Jason Smith’s Sales Synergistics Process

EVERY business exists to make money. Without it, they will surely fail. This #1 need kickstarts the sales process and it’s the reason we’re kicking off Season 6 (Profitable Processes) with the topic. In this episode, sales guru Jason Smith shares his sales synergistics process for aligning all business units of a company to maximize revenue potential. Learn about his 5-ring framework for achieving this alignment and how to implement it in your business to prevent sales and operations silos as your company grows.

Special Guest: Jason Smith, Founder & CEO – CIGRIE

Location:  Atlanta, GA  USA

Show Notes:

  • Sales Benchmark Index (SBI): a management consulting firm based in The Netherlands that specializes in sales and marketing techniques to help companies reach their revenue targets.
  • Sales Operations: an article that provides an in-depth explanation of sales operations.
  • Sales Transformation: an article describing the definition of sales transformation.
  • a tool to help “Generate more revenue by having better sales conversations with the #1 conversation intelligence platform for sales.”
  • Capterra: search for the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to suit your company’s needs on this site.
  • SalesLoft: the “#1 engagement platform that helps you understand your customers’ needs and respond in meaningful ways.”
  • Aslan Training: an award-winning, top-ranked sales training company.
  • an international platform designed to help people with similar interests organize into groups for networking.
  • TAG Sales Leadership Society: the Technology Association of Georgia’s program for sales professionals.
  • European Sales & Marketing Association (ESMA): an organization for professional sales agents, distributors and manufacturers as well as sales and marketing organizations that represent the packaged consumer goods industry.

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042: Automating the Sales Process with Tim Bornholdt

As an app developer, Tim Bornholdt is no stranger to process automation.  Yet it wasn’t until he “put up a mirror” to his own company’s sales process, that he realized they were losing sales as a result of different people doing the same work in different ways.  So he automated the sales process leading to service consistency, better tracking and ultimately increased sales conversion.  Listen as he shares tips on selecting the right people and technologies to leverage during the process automation journey.

Special Guest: Tim Bornholdt, Partner at The Jed Mahonis Group

Location: St. Louis Park, MN  USA

Show Notes:


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