Roger Nierenberg

052: The One Thing You Need to Know About Organizational Agility – Roger Nierenberg

What does an orchestra have in common with your company?  Plenty, according to Maestro Roger Nierenberg.  As CEO, you are the conductor charged with listening and leading to ensure harmonious results.  By seating your team within a live professional orchestra, Roger teaches you how to look at it “as a mirror reflecting how you want to be and how you actually are.”  In this episode, he not only defines what organizational agility is, but also shares the one thing we need to know about it in order to identify root causes of problems, adapt quickly, and perform with less chaos.  Listen as he explains how you can use your voice as an instrument to facilitate teamwork.

Special Guest: Roger Nierenberg, Founder & CEO – The Music Paradigm

Location: New York, NY  USA

Show Notes:

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