045: Using Organization Design to Drive Innovation with Ron Carucci

“Fail fast doesn’t mean pray and spray,” warns Ron Carucci when asked about companies who rush to market without due diligence and suffer from “EBITDA addiction.”  Ron has a 30-year track record helping organizations articulate and execute strategies that lead to accelerated growth.  In this episode, he shares two examples that demonstrate how he uses organization design to encourage clarity-driven innovation.  He also discusses the three ways to organize work and explains why your work, your people and your technologies must be integrated to stay ahead. 

Special Guest: Ron Carucci, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Navalent

Location: Seattle, WA  USA

Show Notes:

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028: Managing Virtual Teams in a Freelance Economy

According to global freelance matchmaker, Upwork, 57.3 million people freelanced in 2017.  In 10 years, they predict that the majority of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers.  As a small business owner, this means you will likely have more freelancers rather than employees performing work for you.  Managing these dispersed, virtual teams can be challenging.  This is where Sherry Heyl comes in.  In this episode, Sherry shares how she was inspired to start Amplified Concepts as a share economy solution for freelancers.  By pooling freelancers, she’s able to provide them back-office support resulting in reduced overhead for them and reduced project costs for you.  She also shares best practices for managing virtual teams of freelancers so important deadlines are met without sacrificing quality.  You’ll definitely want to download this episode!

Special Guest: Sherry Heyl, Founder of Amplified Concepts

Show Notes:

    • What Exactly is the Sharing Economy? – an article describing the various types of “new economies” including share, freelance and gig economies
    • – Sherry’s site highlighting her professional skills
    • Why Hire Us – get help managing your team of freelancers
    • Freelancers Union – promotes the interests of independent workers through advocacy, education, and services
    • – on-demand freelance services
    • UberConference – communicate seamlessly with your freelance team with state-of-the-art conference calling features that integrates with several apps like Slack, Salesforce, and LinkedIn
    • Upwork – find and vet premium freelancers for your next project


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