032: Running Your Business By the Numbers

“Don’t be flashy” when operating your business warns seasoned commercial lender, Charles H. Green.  Armed with 38 years of experience in funding small businesses, Charles knows plenty about running a business by the numbers and not by hunches.  In this episode, he stresses the importance of being able to interpret your financial statements to understand your company’s financial story so that you know where to focus on improving.  Discover what the 3 big categories of financial health metrics are, how it’s possible to be profitable but not have any equity or cash flow, and why an Excel spreadsheet can be more useful than bookkeeping software.  As a former president and CEO of a bank and the author of several bestselling books on small business finance, you definitely don’t want to miss the sage advice Charles offers!

Special Guest: Charles H. Green, Vice President/Business Development Officer for First Bank Financial Centre

Show Notes:

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018: How AI Technology Can Scale Your Small Business

Imagine if you could grow your business 10x faster.  Better yet, imagine if your business could be “infinitely scalable.”  How?  Through artificial intelligence (AI).  According to Scott Evans, founder and CEO of Markamind, AI is not only a catalyst for exponential growth, but it also makes data more useful and convenient.  In this episode, Scott provides examples explaining how AI technology can help small businesses front-load their project pipelines, become more competitive, and exert more influence over buying decisions.  As a decision science professional, he recognizes and acknowledges the fear that many associate with technologies that seem difficult to understand.  This is why Scott also shares practical ways you can start educating yourself so that your business will not fall victim to the digital divide.  Tune in, sign up for a free introductory course on AI, and start scaling your business!

Special Guest:  Scott Evans, CEO of Markamind

Show Notes:

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”                                                                       ― St. Francis Of Assisi

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