122: Let’s Brainstorm Remotely with Thinksmart Whiteboard featuring Joseph Powell

Necessity is the mother of invention. It’s what led to the creation of Thinksmart Whiteboard. When Joseph Powell realized there wasn’t a software on the market to emulate a collaborative whiteboard session remotely, he developed one himself. Now, Thinksmart Whiteboard powers remote whiteboarding sessions across America in real-time. In this episode, Joseph gives a demo of the app to show its versatile use in brainstorming, ideation, tutoring, and more!

Special Guest: Joseph Powell, COO, Co-Founder & Creator – Thinksmart Whiteboard

Location: Atlanta, GA  USA

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Show Notes:

  • Thinksmart Whiteboard app: download the free or Pro version today!
  • Ten Dollar Tutors: Joseph’s tutoring company that leverages the Thinksmart Whiteboard app to conduct
  • Slack: a communication app ideal for remote teams that offers the ability to organize work updates by topic, private groups, and direct messaging.
  • Screen Recorder: a free Google Chrome extension that records video from a camera or from your screen.
  • MS Surface Pro: Microsoft’s suite of laptops with touchscreens making remote collaboration with the Thinksmart Whiteboard effortless. Ten Dollar Tutors offers grants to certain schools that need help purchasing the Surface book.
  • Surface Pen: the writing utensil that makes it possible to draw and write on the Thinksmart Whiteboard. Also compatible with most PCs with a touchscreen.
  • Zoom: software that offers audio and video recording of webinars, conference calls, presentations, meetings, and more. Also includes screen sharing for enhanced collaboration.
  • Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked: a book by Adam Alter.
  • Learn more about the ThinkSmart Whiteboard app:

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  • Producer & Host: Alicia Butler Pierre
  • Podcast Editor: Olanrewaju Ade
  • Video Editor: Gladys Jimenez
  • Sponsor: Equilibria, Inc.


More About Guest, Joseph Powell:
Joseph Powell is the creator of the ThinkSmart Whiteboard app. He’s also Founder & COO of Ten Dollar Tutors – a revolutionary “Uber for tutors” company based in Atlanta, GA.  He is a Computer Information Technology expert and Business Analyst with over eleven years’ experience in Web Development, Database Design, and Application Development. He uses practical computer knowledge with in-depth development on business, internet, and computer applications as well as analyses. Though Joseph has attended both Harvard University and MIT, perhaps his best education has come from the school of hard knocks – lessons learned only through the application of idea-to-implementation of various technologies.


More About Host, Alicia Butler Pierre:
Alicia Butler Pierre is the Founder & CEO of Equilibria, Inc.. Her career in operations began over 20 years ago while working in various chemical plants and oil refineries. She invented the Kasennu framework for business infrastructure and authored, Behind the Façade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success.  It is the world’s first published book on business infrastructure for small businesses. Alicia hosts the weekly Business Infrastructure podcast with a global audience across 38+ countries.


More About Sponsor, Equilibria, Inc.:
Equilibria, Inc. is a 15-year-old boutique operations management consulting firm. We build the business infrastructure necessary for fast-growing businesses to scale with less pain. With a range of services and products, entrepreneurs can get the operational support and resources they need on-demand.

053: The One Thing You Need to Know About Product Prototyping – Eric Lange

Making physical products can be prohibitively expensive and requires careful coordination of the right people, processes and tools.  No one knows this better than Eric Lange.  As an engineer in the toy industry, he’s taken more than 60 products from various stages of development to production for retail stores like Target and Walmart.  In this episode, Eric not only defines what a prototype is but also tells us about the one thing we need to know for successful prototyping without wasting money.

Special Guest: Eric Lange, Senior Product Development Engineer

Location: Atlanta, GA  USA

Show Notes:

    • Adam Savage’s Tested: YouTube channel that provides how-to demos to construct a variety of physical products.


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031: Brainstorming Your Million Dollar Idea

Kymone Hinds is in the business of helping people get stuff done!  As an implementation strategist, he prides himself on bringing ideas to life.  Every solution to a problem and every business starts with an idea, so it’s important to jot them all down no matter how far-fetched they may seem.  In this episode, Kymone explains his 4-stage ideation process for vetting and focusing on which ideas will yield the best results.  Find out how ideas are like Now & Later candies and why you should start small with a big vision when executing.  You definitely don’t want to miss this episode – you could be sitting on your million-dollar idea.

Show Notes:


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