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063: The One Thing You Need to Know About Delivering Difficult News – Liz Kislik

As you lead your company through growth spurts, you may realize that it’s time to “level up” your business infrastructure. But how you communicate the need to upgrade people, processes and tools is just as important as the upgrade itself. Change is difficult, even in a faster-paced small business environment, and you can unknowingly create more chaos if you deliver news about change improperly. Liz Kislik has spent the past 30 years helping leaders work through change in fast growth environments. In this episode, she dons her conflict resolution hat to share best practices in delivering difficult news. One of the tools she recommends might surprise you – it’s something you likely use everyday.

Special Guest: Liz Kislik, Founder & CEO – Liz Kislik & Associates

Location:  Rockville Centre, NY  USA

Show Notes:

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