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014: Dispelling 4 Common Entrepreneur Myths about Business Growth

Tim Fulton is no stranger to business infrastructure. In fact, he’s built and sold several businesses in his 30+ year career as an entrepreneur and small business advisor, executive coach and facilitator. “Operations,” he says, “is highly underrated.” In this episode, Tim draws from both his research and experiences in working with thousands of entrepreneurs to reveal the undeniable realities of operating a fast-growing business.

In doing so, he dispels four common myths about entrepreneurship and forewarns about the importance of getting your business infrastructure in place at the beginning stages of your company. This business infrastructure does not have to be elaborate initially; it can be something as simple as a checklist to ensure consistent service or product delivery. Listen to learn more about these myths. Hint: a high IQ is not a significant factor in determining success.

Special Guest: Tim Fulton, President of Small Business Matters; Vistage Group Chair

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