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064: The One Thing You Need to Know About Process Improvement – Alicia Butler Pierre

Processes not only ensure consistency with how you make a product or deliver a service, but they directly impact your customer’s experience. In this Season 5 finale, Alicia Butler Pierre, host of the Business Infrastructure show, shares what a process is, its importance in building business infrastructure, and the one thing you need to know about improving one. Listen in as she describes the stages of her podcasting process to illustrate how to execute process improvement. It might be a fun exercise to go back to previous episodes to determine if you can detect the improvements she talks about from season to season! Leave a comment and let us know what you find.

Monologue: Alicia Butler Pierre, Founder & CEO  – Equilibria, Inc.

Location:  Atlanta, GA  USA

Show Notes:

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008: The Lean Methodology: What It Is & How to Apply It to Your Small Business

Think the lean methodology is only for large corporations and government entities? Well think again! This episode features John Kamp, an entrepreneur, Lean Six Sigma expert, Project Management Professional, instructor at Purdue University and U.S. Navy veteran. As you can imagine, he has a wealth of experience to draw from and you’ll get a feel for that in this episode. The subject of lean is huge, but John condenses its concept, principles, and methodology into an easy-to-understand definition. He not only shares some of his favorite lean tools, but he also gives great examples of real-life applications. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Special Guest: John M. Kamp, Founder & CEO, The Business Kamp

Show Notes:

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