Season 3: Ask the Experts

117: Let’s Design a Commercialization Process with Clarence Levy & Derek Gauthier

Go big or go home – a fitting mantra for Clarence Levy and Derek Gauthier. As the Co-Founders of MorTec Innovation, these engineers turned entrepreneurs have big plans for their emerging company. It began with their debut product, Protect My Cell. After favorable testing results, they now want a repeatable process to scale their success. In this Season 10 kickoff, Alicia gives them a foundation to start building their commercialization process.

Special Guests: Clarence Levy III & Derek Gauthier – Co-Founders, MorTec Innovation

Location:  Atlanta, GA  USA

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Show Notes:

  • Protect My Cell: MorTec Innovation’s debut product. Protect My Cell is a cover designed to protect smartphones from viruses, dirt, dust, germs, and other unwanted fluids.
  • Lean Canvas: “Lean Canvas is a 1-page business plan template…that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key assumptions.”
  • Calendly: streamline your meeting setup process with this web-based scheduling tool.
  • Marketing Mind Map for Small Business: the mindmap Alicia shared during the interview as a starting point for designing MorTec Innovation’s commercialization process. Download here: Marketing_MindMap_Alicia Butler Pierre


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More About Guest, Clarence Levy III:
Clarence Levy is a results-driven Sr. Project and Program Manager as well as an Electrical/Telecommunications Engineer with 20 years of professional experience. He has proven success in NPI project management, leadership, implementation, resource management, and customer consulting/management. In June 2020, Clarence co-founded MorTec Innovation, LLC. – a tech company offering products and services that positively impact mankind and aims to establish a STEAM program for students in lower-income communities. Their tagline is ENGINEERING DIFFERENT.


More About Guest, Derek Gauthier:
Derek Gauthier is a passionate and seasoned Electrical Engineer. He graduated from Georgia
Institute of Technology and also has a Bachelor’s Degree in General Science from
Morehouse College. He has spent over 20 years leading, designing, and testing smart metering devices for Landis+Gyr and Toshiba. Derek is currently leading the Reliability Engineering Team for Coca-Cola Freestyle. Derek recently partnered with Clarence Levy and started MorTec Innovation, LLC. Derek is a husband to Tyekeysha Gauthier, and a father to Alani and Charles Gauthier. He enjoys playing tennis and golf when he is away from the office.


More About Host, Alicia Butler Pierre:
Alicia Butler Pierre is the Founder & CEO of Equilibria, Inc. – a 15-year-old operations management consulting firm. Her career in operations began over 20 years ago working as a chemical engineer in various manufacturing facilities. She invented the Kasennu framework for business infrastructure and authored, Behind the Façade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success.  It is the world’s first published book on business infrastructure for small businesses. Alicia hosts the weekly Business Infrastructure podcast with a global audience across 38+ countries.


More About Sponsor, rVidi:
rVidi is the easy app that lets you communicate via video soundbites in your own time in a public or private group setting. Learn more and download for free at  Currently available for iOS; Android development coming soon!

038: Building Business Infrastructure for Scale

Alicia is the founder of Equilibria, Inc. – the world’s largest repository on business infrastructure for small businesses.  And it happened quite by accident.  In this episode, she candidly shares the story of how this came to be by weaving together the messaging of each expert featured in Season 3 while acknowledging the mistakes she’s made along the way.  In doing so, Alicia candidly describes how she created a methodology for business infrastructure and how you can implement it to position your company for growth that is manageable, sustainable and profitable.  Also included are highlights from a conversation with fellow business infrastructure expert, Paul Nicholaides who confirms the benefits of business infrastructure.  Together, they are doing their part to eliminate the knowledge gap prevalent with this unseen, yet vital business area.

Monologue by: Alicia Butler Pierre, CEO of Equilibria, Inc. and Host of Business Infrastructure Podcast

Special Appearance: Paul Nicholaides, Managing Partner/Principal Consultant at Tanic

Show Notes:



BONUS: Video Introduction to the KasennuTM Methodology

Download Your Free Report on Using the KasennuTM Methodology to Create a Business Process that Increases Cash Flow!


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037: Leveraging Culture to Drive Business Transformation

Just because the word “cult” is part of “culture,” it does not mean that your company has to function like one in order to attain sustainable success.  As small businesses grow larger, the transformation into becoming more corporate can be jolting and founders and employees alike may fear losing the very essence of what makes a business so special.  In this episode, Lakeisha Poole, a workplace futurist and expert in company culture, explains how a culture rooted in open communication and fairness can actually drive transformation in a positive direction.  Culture does not have to be cult-ish, not does it have to be toxic or adversarial to get things done.  Listen as Lakeisha shares her insights as an employment lawyer in defining the: 1) “untouchables” in an organization, 2) the 3 main issues that lead to workplace breakdown, and 3) how to make ethics and inclusion-focused leadership practical and tactical.

Show Notes:

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036: Executing Strategy with Project Management

Visionaries, whether executives or entrepreneurs, are great at developing and articulating strategy but may find difficulty in execution.  This is where Kim Farmer comes in.  As a certified project management professional with 30+ years in corporate business experience, she knows how to get stuff done!  In this episode, Kim graciously gives us an excellent primer on project management to help you take specific actions to achieve your company’s growth strategy.

No fluff, no B.S.  This is where the rubber meets the road and this episode is one of the most important to-date because it’s all about action!  Learn the 5 major questions to answer prior to beginning any project as well as the triple constraints you’ll have to balance throughout a project.  You’ll also find out how to identify, assemble and coordinate the people, processes and tools you’ll need to ensure your project’s success as Kim explains the Waterfall and Agile approaches to project management.  Be sure to check out the show notes below – they’re packed with great information to support you in planning and organizing your next project!

Special Guest: Kim Farmer, PMP – Solutions Delivery Manager at Crane Connectivity Solutions

Show Notes:


Below is a project management diagram that Kim wanted to share with you.  It brilliantly illustrates the importance of clear communication to ensure all team members on a project understand the estimated scope, time and budget.

I also found a website,, where you can download different types of Gantt charts for FREE!  Gantt Charts are a useful tool to illustrate a project plan/schedule.  “It allows you to quickly see the status of any project and see how far along it is.  It also allows you to manage processes that depend on the completion of other processes. Mostly, Gantt Charts allow project managers to quickly give estimates about how long the project will take to complete.”

Here’s a video that explains how to create a simple, basic Gantt Chart in MS Excel:

And last, here’s a diagram that showcases the “triple constraints” that Kim referenced in her interview:

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035: Positioning Front Line Leadership for Success

As your small business grows, it will eventually need a layer of middle management.  These front line leaders are the change agents who ensure the execution of your company’s growth strategy.  But they cannot live their proverbial best life unless you, as the top leader, help them realize their best work.  In this episode, leadership consulting expert Victoria Rodgers stresses the importance of putting “people before business.”

Discover the mindset shift required of both entrepreneurs-turned-executives and individual contributors-turned-supervisors-managing-others to cultivate operational excellence.  Victoria even makes the case for why business infrastructure is key to ensuring the right people are in the right roles and why even the best business processes aren’t always enough to keep good people around.  This episode is jammed packed with information so you’ll definitely want to download it for ongoing reference!

Special Guest: Victoria Rodgers, Market Development Director at TiER1 Performance Solutions.

Show Notes:

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034: Developing a Business Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Strategy represents the vision, purpose and long-term position of a company, but it does you no good to develop one unless you “plan your work and work your plan.”  So says strategy expert Mark Pegues.  In this episode, Mark compares the relationship between strategy and execution to a camera – zoom in to execute and zoom out to strategically plan.  However, he warns, like business processes, a strategic plan is not meant to be shelved once developed but must be consistently leveraged to accomplish your company’s mission.  Learn Mark’s 12-point guide to developing and defining your business strategy and why you should never change it unless your business’ fundamental values change.

Special Guest: Mark Pegues, Founder and CEO of Ujaama Solutions

Show Notes:

Reinventing your Business Model Manos Giannadakis

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