Season 2: Making the Case for Business Infrastructure

019: Who Said Operations Isn’t Sexy?

Look at any generic small business conference or workshop and the likelihood that a discussion on operations will be included is infinitesimally small.  Oftentimes fast-growing companies looking for help in scaling their businesses find that the lion’s share of resources for processes and systems are reserved for manufacturing companies or larger enterprises.  In this episode, Alicia has a frank one-on-one conversation to unpack the reasons why many small business event organizers attribute this lack of inclusion to “operations not being sexy.”  Alicia also introduces her new book as a way of addressing this oversight.  Her book is also a how-to guide for ambitious entrepreneurs serious about investing the time and effort to create a business infrastructure for maximum expansion impact.

Monologue:  Alicia Butler Pierre, Founder & CEO of Equilibria, Inc.

Show Notes:

For a limited time, the digital version is available for $1.99 as a thank you to our podcast community.  Grab your copy now!


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018: How AI Technology Can Scale Your Small Business

Imagine if you could grow your business 10x faster.  Better yet, imagine if your business could be “infinitely scalable.”  How?  Through artificial intelligence (AI).  According to Scott Evans, founder and CEO of Markamind, AI is not only a catalyst for exponential growth, but it also makes data more useful and convenient.  In this episode, Scott provides examples explaining how AI technology can help small businesses front-load their project pipelines, become more competitive, and exert more influence over buying decisions.  As a decision science professional, he recognizes and acknowledges the fear that many associate with technologies that seem difficult to understand.  This is why Scott also shares practical ways you can start educating yourself so that your business will not fall victim to the digital divide.  Tune in, sign up for a free introductory course on AI, and start scaling your business!

Special Guest:  Scott Evans, CEO of Markamind

Show Notes:

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”                                                                       ― St. Francis Of Assisi

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017: How Traveling Can Lead to Self-Discovery & Business Evolution

“Know Thyself.”  Thousands of years later, this ancient adage still rings true.  In this episode, Keith Finger opens up about how globetrotting solo across 10 countries in a four-month period led to a period of self-discovery and not only made him rethink the way he operated his current business but also gave way to a new business altogether.  Specifically, he talks about the people, processes and tools he sought in preparation for, during and after this journey.  This helped him identify a common thread across the work he’s done over his corporate and entrepreneurial career.  Learn how what he describes as his “epiphany” served as a catalyst for shedding the parental and societal expectations and instead step into his own power, making him a more effective and intentional consultant to his clients.

Special Guest:  Keith Finger, CEO of Ignite RevenueShow Notes:

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016: Demonstrate, Duplicate & Delegate: Nia Imani’s Formula for Success

In this heartfelt episode, serial entrepreneur and real estate mogul, Nia Imani, explains how her personal mantra of “demonstrate, duplicate and delegate,” has enabled her to create and implement key systems that facilitate her bi-coastal lifestyle while expanding her business across multiple states and most recently, multiple countries.  Tune in to hear how she flipped her first home at 24-years-old and used the proceeds as seed money to build and franchise a janitorial services company.  Eventually, she sold that company and started a new one specializing in legacy lifestyle management.  Nia did all of this and more without the higher education some equate with success.  Don’t forget to download this episode – it’s a keeper!

Special Guest:  Nia Imani, CEO of Fabulous Life International

Show Notes:

  • Streaming Success – resources from Nia’s company to inspire women to consciously create a wealth-building blueprint; includes access to her emerging international program, W.E.A.L.T.H.
  • Undercover Boss – a television show highlighting the disconnect between executives and front-line employees
  • Tom Ferry – YouTube channel offering guidance on building a real estate business

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015: How I Use Business Infrastructure in My Restaurant

At just 15-years-old, Sharron Lee knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur.  Her dreams came true when she opened her seafood restaurant — just one of several businesses she’d successfully start, grow and manage all while working a full-time job as a master data analyst!  This episode is unique in that Sharron is the first guest to talk about how she leverages business infrastructure in selling a tangible product.  Specifically, she shares her story of perseverance and tenacity in building her restaurant and candidly talks about recent challenges caused by fast growth.  Sharron also reveals how her background in computer science enables her to outfit her restaurant with the best technology to streamline and improve the overall customer experience while also remaining in compliance because, as she says, “You have to run a tight ship.”

Special Guest:  Sharron Lee, Founder of Fresh Fish Seafood Market

Show Notes:

·  Facebook page – see pictures of the display equipment Sharron referenced in her interview

· – the world’s largest selection of online video courses

·  Equilibria,Inc. – resource for small business infrastructure (Sharron’s plug, not ours!  LOL)

·  Standardization vs. customization in product development and service delivery

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014: Dispelling 4 Common Entrepreneur Myths about Business Growth

Tim Fulton is no stranger to business infrastructure. In fact, he’s built and sold several businesses in his 30+ year career as an entrepreneur and small business advisor, executive coach and facilitator. “Operations,” he says, “is highly underrated.” In this episode, Tim draws from both his research and experiences in working with thousands of entrepreneurs to reveal the undeniable realities of operating a fast-growing business.

In doing so, he dispels four common myths about entrepreneurship and forewarns about the importance of getting your business infrastructure in place at the beginning stages of your company. This business infrastructure does not have to be elaborate initially; it can be something as simple as a checklist to ensure consistent service or product delivery. Listen to learn more about these myths. Hint: a high IQ is not a significant factor in determining success.

Special Guest: Tim Fulton, President of Small Business Matters; Vistage Group Chair

Show Notes:

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