Meet Our Partners

We are grateful to collaborate with talented individuals and businesses who share our core values and support our mission to close the operations knowledge gap. These partnerships help expand our reach to owners and leaders of fast-growing small businesses. It’s an honor to introduce you to them here.

Ten Dollar Tutors is a group of board teachers, certified tutors, and educators who see a need to teach classes and help out students in communities that demonstrate the most financial and economic need. Although they are for-profit, they do not make a significant profit from tutoring. Their believe in the nonprofit model of helping others, and passing it forward to the next generation of scientists, engineers, and educators.

With the philosophy: Help educate as many people as we can as affordably as we can, and provide as much guidance to those who are seeking to further their education.

Even if you are lagging behind, our promise is to work with you and get you the help that you need.

“It is my distinct pleasure to talk about Alicia Butler Pierre and Equilibria. I quickly discovered that Alicia and her team are the brightest I have ever met in my entire life. I’d like to think that I was organized with business processes, but my goodness, Equilibria has helped me in countless ways to improve our company.  The podcasts featuring Ten Dollar Tutors/Thinksmart Whiteboard have generated increased web traffic and sales. Your business would do well to work with Alicia and Equilibria.” 

-Joseph Powell 
Ten Dollar Tutors/Thinksmart Whiteboard



Want a better way of engaging your fan base, customers, students, focus group testers, friends and family? rVidi is the easy app that lets you communicate via video soundbites in a private or public group setting. Why? Text is old school!

“One of Alicia’s greatest gifts is her ability to see the full potential in a business or new technology. She embraced the rVidi app when she first learned about it, and eagerly implemented the video collaboration tools in her podcast and TV channel. We’re honored to be a part of Business Infrastructure’s current and future content!”

– Janice Jensen
rVidi Co-Founder 


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