088: Partnering for Profit with Keith L. Scott

Business partnerships don’t have to end badly. K.L. Scott & Associates is proof. When Keith L. Scott started this process management consultancy, he wanted to do everything himself. Two years in, he found himself struggling to keep up with the pace. That’s when he decided to strategically partner, but he did his research first. In this episode, Keith shares how law firms inspired his business model, why he prefers a team of sub-contractors vs. employees, and how to profitably structure an operating agreement.

Special Guest: Keith L. Scott, CEO – K.L. Scott & Associates

Location:  Atlanta, GA  USA

Show Notes:

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4 comments on 088: Partnering for Profit with Keith L. Scott

    1. Alicia Butler Pierre says:

      Thank you Jon!

  1. Keith Scott says:

    Thank you Alicia! I enjoyed discussing business strategy with you as we try to make the business world operate effectively.

    1. Alicia Butler Pierre says:

      Pleasure is all mine Keith! Thanks for sharing your story (and resources) with us!

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