083: Downsizing & Rebuilding a Team with Mike Moll

When Mike Moll’s social media consultancy grew rapidly, he immediately hired more people. But he soon realized he didn’t have the bandwidth or business infrastructure to scale at the same rate as his clients’ varied requirements. Payroll expenses rose and, eventually, he had to downsize most of the team he built. In this episode, Mike details the specific actions he took to rebuild his team as he fine-tuned his pricing model, simplified and automated key processes, and became stricter about the clients his company works with.

Special Guest: Mike Moll, CEO – Social Media House

Location:  Toronto, ON  CANADA

Show Notes:

  • Content Sessions: Mike’s podcast; soon to be renamed “Market Me” podcast
  • Clarity.fm: an advisory matching firm from Startup.com. This is the site where Mike found a certified pricing coach.
  • AppSumo: never pay full price for software again with this daily deals website.
  • Calendly.com: a free scheduling tool – set 15-minute meetings like Mike.
  • Krisp: a free app that lets you listen and speak without background noise during calls with this noise cancellation service.
  • Check out Mike’s YouTube Channel
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