081: Outsourcing Core Competencies with Phoebe Cornog

“We just made really good money while being on the beach!” exclaimed Phoebe Cornog, CEO and Co-Founder of the Pandr Design Co. She recounted the day she and her business partner realized the impact of outsourcing. Determined to not be starving artists, they cracked the code for cloning their murals without a loss in quality control. In this episode, Phoebe explains how she and her business partner cast their fears of outsourcing aside to meet the growing demand for their services and scale sustainably.

Special Guest: Phoebe Cornog, CEO & Co-Founder – Pandr Design Co. and Ladies Who Paint

Location:  San Diego, CA  USA

Show Notes:

It’s Okay to Be an Artist: Phoebe and Roxy’s TEDx Talk:

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