074: Love Hudson-Maggio’s Data Management Process

When it comes to marketing data, your small business might have more in common with Google, Facebook and Amazon than you think. According to Love Hudson-Maggio, whether you’re collecting data from two customers or two million, the science of analyzing it is the same. Data tells a story and paints an accurate picture of sales results. In this episode, Love describes the three stages of her process to develop a data management protocol that reveals what you are really selling, standardizes collection methods, and establishes protection controls. Find out why she says that the “data you’re looking for, you already have.”

Special Guest: Love Hudson-Maggio, CEO & Co-Founder, MarDat Advisors

Location:  Atlanta, GA  USA

Show Notes:

  • Adweek: a “leading source of news and insight serving the brand marketing ecosystem;” reaches more than 6 million professionals.
  • Vox: simply put, Vox “explains the news” by providing context on popular topics.
  • Undercover Boss: TV show where CEOs of well-known companies go undercover as lower-level employees to learn how the business really operates on the front line.
  • Shark Tank: TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas before investors with the hope of securing additional capital to scale their businesses.
  • Tips for Searching on LinkedIn Like a Pro: an article from LinkedIn that includes tips for searching for companies in your industry.
  • HubSpot: software for inbound marketing and sales with a focus on social media, content management, web analytics, and search engine optimization.
  • Salesforce: a cloud-based, integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that brings companies and customers together.
  • InfusionSoft: a CRM specifically for small businesses with advanced sales and marketing automation.

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