048: Automating Human Resource Compliance with Jason Cavness

Around 543,000 new businesses start in the U.S. each month.  Those fortunate to hire employees often cannot afford the high cost of Human Resources (H.R.).  That’s where Jason Cavness comes in.  Through his technology, he delivers employee manuals to small business quickly and inexpensively.  This ensures compliance and reduces risk while scaling to meet operational demands.  In this episode, Jason shares how he automates certain H.R. functions and explains the key difference between an employee manual and an operations manual.  He also shares a list of 25+ resources he recommends – be sure to download those in the show notes below!

Special Guest: Jason Cavness, Founder & CEO at cavnessHR

Location:  Seattle, WA  USA

Show Notes:

Download a list of additional resources Jason recommends: Digital Tools Recommended by cavnessHR

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