039: Using Processes for Structure & Consistent Results with Paul Nicholaides

In this first episode of Season 4, Paul Nicholaides shares an example of how he used processes to help a fast-growing company scale without compromising their culture.  He specifically explains how he helped shape his client’s business infrastructure based on their value chain and processes.  Processes are a valuable component of business infrastructure because as Paul says, “Without it, there is chaos and people will produce different results.”    He also debunks the popular belief that processes are only for large enterprises and stresses that, to be effective, processes must be purposeful, relevant and continuously improved.  Discover the important lesson Paul says he learned from this experience as well as the two fundamental things he says are needed to sustain processes.

Special Guest: Paul Nicholaides, Principal Consultant/Managing Partner at Tanic.

Location: Leeds, England 

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