038: Building Business Infrastructure for Scale

Alicia is the founder of Equilibria, Inc. – the world’s largest repository on business infrastructure for small businesses.  And it happened quite by accident.  In this episode, she candidly shares the story of how this came to be by weaving together the messaging of each expert featured in Season 3 while acknowledging the mistakes she’s made along the way.  In doing so, Alicia candidly describes how she created a methodology for business infrastructure and how you can implement it to position your company for growth that is manageable, sustainable and profitable.  Also included are highlights from a conversation with fellow business infrastructure expert, Paul Nicholaides who confirms the benefits of business infrastructure.  Together, they are doing their part to eliminate the knowledge gap prevalent with this unseen, yet vital business area.

Monologue by: Alicia Butler Pierre, CEO of Equilibria, Inc. and Host of Business Infrastructure Podcast

Special Appearance: Paul Nicholaides, Managing Partner/Principal Consultant at Tanic

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BONUS: Video Introduction to the KasennuTM Methodology

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