037: Leveraging Culture to Drive Business Transformation

Just because the word “cult” is part of “culture,” it does not mean that your company has to function like one in order to attain sustainable success.  As small businesses grow larger, the transformation into becoming more corporate can be jolting and founders and employees alike may fear losing the very essence of what makes a business so special.  In this episode, Lakeisha Poole, a workplace futurist and expert in company culture, explains how a culture rooted in open communication and fairness can actually drive transformation in a positive direction.  Culture does not have to be cult-ish, not does it have to be toxic or adversarial to get things done.  Listen as Lakeisha shares her insights as an employment lawyer in defining the: 1) “untouchables” in an organization, 2) the 3 main issues that lead to workplace breakdown, and 3) how to make ethics and inclusion-focused leadership practical and tactical.

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