030: Connecting Your Software for Maximum Productivity

There’s nothing more frustrating than to invest in a newer software technology only to discover that it does not “play nicely” with your existing software.  In this episode, software and web developer Garrett Massey talks about the benefits of middleware as a cost-savings solution to facilitate communication between software.  Listen as he reveals a 4-step process to guide you through mapping how information should flow in your service or product delivery.  This will empower you in making wiser decisions before you invest in that next shiny new piece of technology you’re considering.  Hint: evaluate before you automate!

Special Guest: Garrett Massey, Founder and President of Eyesore, Inc.

Show Notes:

  • Farapp – high Quality, Customizable Connectors for NetSuite, 3dcart, and more
  • LinkedIn Groups – join a group representing your industry and ask members for advice on how they handle middleware situations
  • Undisturbed REST: A Guide to Designing the Perfect API – download a free report from MuleSoft on best practices around how to plan, design, build, manage and share your API

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