027: I.P. Protection for Business Processes

Can you keep a secret?  Your answer to this question can determine your ability to capitalize on your company’s intellectual property (I.P.).  In this episode, seasoned patent attorney Steve Wigmore breaks down the different types of I.P. using examples of well-known brands.  There is both monetary and intrinsic value in your ideas and Steve offers guidance on how to choose among trademarks, trade secrets, patents and copyrights to protect your ideas.  In fact, your I.P. is a part of your small business’ asset portfolio.  Even intangible assets, like business processes, can be protected, especially if tied to technology.  If you own a service-based business, you’ll definitely want to hear what Steve has to say!
Special Guest:  Steve Wigmore, Esq – Partner at Smith Tempel and former U.S. Patent Examiner
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