023: Attracting Top Talent to Your Small Business

Jim Stroud is a man of many talents.  Over the past decade, he has built an expertise in sourcing and recruiting strategy, public speaking, lead generation, video production, podcasting, online research, competitive intelligence, and online community management and training.  He combines all of these skills to bring a fresh approach to help companies attract and retain top talent.

In this episode, Jim describes how to use tools like video and LinkedIn to “bait” or kickstart your sourcing process.  He shares some specific examples he used to help tech giants like Google and Microsoft’s Canada Development Center to recruit and retain quality job candidates and how you can apply these to your small business.  In fact, Jim encourages you to use your company’s smaller size and agility to further humanize your sourcing process as long as you remember to craft job descriptions from three angles.

This episode is chocked full of free and low-cost resources for you to consider using in attracting and keeping top talent as your business continues growing.  It’s definitely an episode you’ll want to download and keep for future reference.

Special Guest:  Jim Stroud, Founder & CEO of The Jim Stroud Show

Show Notes:

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