017: How Traveling Can Lead to Self-Discovery & Business Evolution

“Know Thyself.”  Thousands of years later, this ancient adage still rings true.  In this episode, Keith Finger opens up about how globetrotting solo across 10 countries in a four-month period led to a period of self-discovery and not only made him rethink the way he operated his current business but also gave way to a new business altogether.  Specifically, he talks about the people, processes and tools he sought in preparation for, during and after this journey.  This helped him identify a common thread across the work he’s done over his corporate and entrepreneurial career.  Learn how what he describes as his “epiphany” served as a catalyst for shedding the parental and societal expectations and instead step into his own power, making him a more effective and intentional consultant to his clients.

Special Guest:  Keith Finger, CEO of Ignite RevenueShow Notes:

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