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Business Infrastructure - Curing Back Office Blues

Sharon Idahosa is on a mission to reduce world hunger and ultimately make food scarcity a thing of the past. Following an internship in the oil and gas industry, she realized the source of her stress was rooted in ignoring her passion. So, she changed direction and pursued a degree in agriculture instead.

Now, she’s the founder and CEO of Lifex Agriculture Initiative, a fast-growing Nigerian startup. They leverage the power of new media to empower rural farmers with the education, communication, and transportation resources needed to increase food security.

In this episode, Sharon shares what it’s really like to start an agriculture business in Nigeria, the world’s sixth most populated country. She also makes the case for establishing a foundation in operational excellence as she expands her team and their services. Discover Sharon’s processes for navigating supply chain disruptions, changes in supply and demand, and encroaching food deserts.


166: Operational Excellence and the Business of Agriculture with Sharon Idahosa


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